iPhone Apps Available on Monday

“A source at a software company that has been working on a native iPhone application tells us the company is getting ready to launch that application on Monday, which could also imply that Apple’s App Store will be up and running that day.” –Tom Krazit, Cnet

The App Store is (from all we know) the only way to get legitimate iPhone and iPod Touch applications on devices. But, another interesting thing is that many rumor sites are expecting the 3G iPhone 2.0 to be ready on Monday as well.

The 3G iPhone is expected to have GPS and, of course, 3G cellular networking.

I don’t know what to think about all of this, if we don’t see the new iPhone with firmware 2.0 we will certainly see it shortly afterward. It’s a strange situation in which it sure seems like there isn’t anything that could happen at WWDC that someone hadn’t already predicted. It seems that Apple dealing with all of the cellular carriers has opened up a huge crack in the unleaking ship that it Apple Inc. It seems that now there are too many points at which information on new iPhone developments could leak out of the company to bloggers or other news outlets.

I do think we will probably at least get a glimpse of the new 3G iPhone and hopefully we will also get to update our current iPhones to 2.0 but other than that I think it will be a relatively boring keynote (it was a little hard to say, but I said it).

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