Spyshots of Palm Treo 800w

Oh yes, that is a picture of the yet to be announced Palm Treo 800w. This new phone from Palm is expected to run Windows Mobile 6.1 on a 400MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, and have 256MB of flash memory. There are also rumors that this device will have feature EVDO Rev. A, GPS, and Wifi.

One last mention is that the device has a micro USB connection instead of Palms previous proprietary connector.

The phone overall is pretty good looking in my opinion and although I don’t like Windows Mobile smartphones because I hate the operating system, the hardware is incredibly nice.

Shadowmite (site down at the time of writing this)

Asatak Announces $150 eBook Reader

Astak has announced that next month they will be releasing a $150 ebook reader. The reader will support TXT, PDF, HTML, BMP, JPG, and GIF files and will have a 800×600 pixel screen.

The low end model will have 128MB of flash storage and an SD memory card slot. Higher end models will also feature Wifi and touchscreen input.

Although I’ve never heard of Astak and the Kindle seems to be everyones favorite ebook reader, for some people (like me) $399 is a little expensive for a device that I’m basically going to use just to read text documents on. $150, although still a little steep in my opinion is a little bit closer to a reasonable price.

For all you Linux fans out there though you will be happy to know that the ebook reader is running Linux 2.6 with QT environment, I’m sure some clever people out there will be able to install their own OS on this thing soon after its release.

5″ Model, 6″ Model, and 9.7″ Model

Dash Releases Public API

Dash has just released its open API for developers. That means that developers will be able to use some basic tools to build apps that will highlight any geographical information that they want such as property listings, speed traps, and weather reports.

The Dash navigation device is also capable of two way communication with the internet so applications will also be able to do things like sync contacts or check the schedule of local radio stations.

This is something that needed to happen, we are living in a world where the manufacturer of a GPS system just can’t build all of the applications that people want, and since users want to be able to do all sorts of things with their devices the best way to keep them happy is to allow 3rd party developers to build apps for it. The possibilities are endless with this device, just think of it as a device that sits in your car, is always connected to the internet, and has a big touch screen.


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French Blog Gets Exclusive Pictures of Next Eee PC

A French blog by the name of Blogeee.net has allegedly gained access to some pictures of the next Asus Eee PC, the 901. The blog says that the next Eee PC will get a few pretty big upgrades.

The 901 will get a new motherboard, an Intel Atom processor, and a whole bunch of exterior changes.

  • VGA port is now on the right side.
  • Metal sides on the screen hinge.
  • Kensington lock has been added next to the ethernet port.
  • Asus logo has been removed in favor of the Eee PC logo.

All of these pictures seem to be real and all of the improvements seem nice, nothing I would consider to be revolutionary but when it comes to these ultraportable notebooks it is hard to expect anything more than incremental upgrades.

Blogeee (via Gizmodo)

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts Gameplay Footage

Although I don’t post a lot of videos showing gameplay footage of upcoming games I figured I would post this one anyway. I decided to post this video mostly because it feels like it has been WAY too long since the last time I played a really good modern platformer, Ratchet & Clank is a good game but it just hasn’t been able to cut it for me. And, although I currently don’t own a 360, this latest Banjo-Kazooie looks amazing.

PS3 Ad Shows Screenshot of TV Show Download Feature

The rumor of Sony giving PS3 owners the ability to purchase downloadable video on their consoles has heated up because of a recent ad video floating around the internet. The video seems to show off many of the features of the Playstation 3 but very quickly flashes a screenshot of what seems to be a store front for TV shows.

Cartoon Network, NBC, MTV, HBO, and CW are shown in the screenshot but the question to ask is, when will this be unveiled? E3? Maybe.

Torrent2exe Turns .torrent Files Into .exe Files

Torrent2exe is a pretty amazing web utility that turns .torrent files into .exe files that are self contained BitTorrent downloaders. This allows you to download bittorrent files without having to have a BitTorrent client installed on your computer.

It is really easy to use too, all you do is download the .torrent file from whatever site you get it from, upload the .torrent file to torrent2exe.com, click the download button and you are off and running with an executable file. When that executable is ran it opens up a download window and starts to download the source file to the directory that the .exe is located in.

If you want to skip a couple of steps you have the option of entering the URL to the .torrent file.

This looks like a really good way of getting your friends into BitTorrent that have had some trouble wrapping their heads around the idea of it.

Torrent2exe (via DownloadSquad)

Windows 7 Features Shown Off On Video

Windows 7 will have many improvements, some of which are shown off in this video, none of which are all that amazing but good to know none the less.

Features Shown:
Windows Explorer
FTP Locations
Keyboard Shortcuts
Screen & Animation Capture
Disk Usage Analyzer
Task Manager
Virtual Drive
Website, Blog and Portal Designer

Coming Soon (presumably in a later video):
Image Conversion
Document Conversion
PDF Conversion
Password Manager

Exactly, like I said, nothing revolutionary but I do like the idea of a website, blog and portal designer and a unified password manager (like OS X’s Keychain) would be awesome.

HBO Arrives in iTunes, Standard Pricing? No

The rumors were going around early yesterday but now it is official, HBO content is now available for download through iTunes. What’s strange is that Apple has seemed to give in to the idea of variable pricing with HBO with most of their content being sold for $2.99 per episode (some content is still $1.99 per episode though).

And with this begins the questions of when will we see NBC back in iTunes, the biggest issue was variable pricing, right? Who really knows, I’ll tell you one thing though, if NBC comes back to iTunes and episodes are priced at $2.99 I will not buy them, I understand that HBO and NBC think that their content is worth more than anyone else but $1.99 seems to be that sweet spot where I almost don’t even have to think about the purchase at all, but when it reaches $2.99 I DO think about it, just enough to realize that it is too expensive.

HBO in iTunes

$298 Blu-ray Players Showing Up in Wal-Marts

Funai has just began shipping their first generation of Blu-ray disc players that will be branded with various names (Magnavox, Sylvania, Emerson, Insignia, Pye). Some of these players have already began showing up in Wal-Marts for $298, super cheap for a Blu-ray player.

Funai is currently the largest manufacturer of DVD players, accounting for over one half of all DVD players sold in North America. This first step into Blu-ray is going to be big, especially if they are able to lower manufacturing costs and eventually retail prices to $200 or less over the next year or so.

These players are profile 1.1, capable of 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p (1080p/24 and 1080p 60) output. DVD upconversion to 720p, 1080i, 1080p. They do have support for Hd Audio formats, bitstream output though, no internal decoding. HDMI version 1.3, which is quite nice for all of you who care what version of HDMI you use.

This is the second step to making Blu-ray really take off, the first of which was killing off HD-DVD. Getting players down to prices that start to make the average consumer actually consider them is crucial, especially with the ever increasing pressure from the idea of consumers downloading their content.

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Asus Eee PC 900 Now Shipping From Amazon

The new Asus Eee PC 900 is now available and shipping from Amazon.com. This new Eee PC is priced at $549 for the 12GB SSD version and $585 for the 20GB SSD version (at the time of writing this).

The second generation Eee PC features a larger 8.9 inch wide screen with a 1024 by 600 resolution. It will also feature a new FingerGlide touchpad that recognizes two finger gestures for scrolling and zooming.

900MHz Celeron M processor
UMA graphics chipset
802.11b/g Wifi

12GB with Windows
20GB with Linux

The Toshiba Portégé R500, 1.7 Pound 12-inch Notebook

The Toshiba Portégé R500. This thing is one heck of an ultraportable. The R500 sports a 12-inch display and a full size keyboard and yet still is able to weigh in at only 1.7 pounds.

The last Toshiba Portégé R500 weighed 2.4 pounds, to lose those ever important 0.7 pounds Toshiba removed the optical drive.

The Toshiba Portégé R500 starts at $2,599, and although that is including a 64GB solid state disk I still think it is a little expensive. The MacBook Air, with an 80GB non-SSD is only $1,799. I would rather see the R500 without the SSD, which may be an option but I don’t have that information at this time.

The MacBook Air is nearly twice the R500’s weight but it makes up for it with its larger screen and nicer style.

The R500 is a really good option though for someone who values having the lightest notebook they can find and doesn’t care about spending a lot of money.

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