Amazon to Begin Video On Demand Streaming Service

Jeff Bezos of has announced at the All Things D conference that within the next couple of weeks, Amazon will be launching a streaming movie service that users will pay for.

“We are working on a new version of video on demand, a for-pay streaming service we will release in the next couple of weeks. The streaming service will start instantly and it’s a la carte, for pay.” -Jeff Bezos

This service will be similar to the Amazon Unbox service but instead of downloading the videos they would be streamed to your computer over the internet.

There is no word on pricing, quality, or what will actually be available but I have to be honest, unless Amazon gets more recent titles then what Netflix has, why would anyone use the Amazon service.

Amazon seems to want to compete with everyone on the net which will surely keep their growth but the major question with all of these recent Amazon announcements is: are they going to lose focus and end up doing a lot of things ok instead of a few things really well?


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