Apple iPhone 2.0 to Getting Geotagging

I absolutely love the idea of geotagging, the ability to look back at old photos and be able to know exactly where you were when you took that picture could be incredibly useful when years and years have passed and you need to figure out what exactly is in a picture.

Well geotagging is coming to the iPhone. In the latest beta of the 2.0 (5A292g) firmware distributed to select enterprise beta testers has had a new preference added called “Location Services” and within the Camera app some geotagging hints have turned up.

When the “Location Services” feature is turned on and you take a picture using the iPhone’s Camera app it asks to check for your current location and one would assume that when firmware 2.0 is released it will add that data to the pictures metadata.

Firmware 2.0 for the iPhone is going to be huge and is turning out to have way more features than I could have ever imagined.


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