Apple Wants iTunes Purchases Over Cellular Network For Next iPhone

As you may already know the current iPhone is only capable of purchasing music from its iTunes Music store application when you are connected to a Wifi network. Well, Apple is in talks that would allow them to sell music to iPhone owners over the 3G data network as well.

The New York Times is reporting that to convince the record labels Apple may have to pay them more than 70% of the revenue from it.

Apple is also looking to expand the number of songs that are able to be converted into ringtones, they are also planning on adding ringback tones to the available options.

These talks seem to be very early on so it is unlikely that Apple would sign the deal in time for them to be announced on June 9th, but these announcements aren’t really the kind of thing that Apple would talk about at WWDC anyway. It is more likely however that Apple would announce a new iPhone with 3G networking and have a special event a month or so later to talk about these features and officially release them to the public.

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