Nvidia Changing the 9900s Name to GTX 200… Why?

Nvidia recently informed its partners that they would be changing the name for the upcoming Geforce 9900 series to the GT200 series. I don’t know if this was to confuse us but it surely will.

So now, what was previously referred to as the Geforce 9900 GTX is now the Geforce GTX 280 (oh, how wonderful *sarcasm) and the Geforce 9900 GTS is now the Geforce GTX 260 (even more confusing because of the dumb GTX).

Nvidia has also decided to release these new GPUs a little earlier to coincide with the RV770 which will launch sometime around the third week of June.

I don’t know why these companies (Nvidia, AMD, Intel) seem to think that it is a good idea to change their naming scheme, why can’t these idiots come up with some kind of naming convention that will last a little longer than 5 or so years?


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