HBO Arrives in iTunes, Standard Pricing? No

The rumors were going around early yesterday but now it is official, HBO content is now available for download through iTunes. What’s strange is that Apple has seemed to give in to the idea of variable pricing with HBO with most of their content being sold for $2.99 per episode (some content is still $1.99 per episode though).

And with this begins the questions of when will we see NBC back in iTunes, the biggest issue was variable pricing, right? Who really knows, I’ll tell you one thing though, if NBC comes back to iTunes and episodes are priced at $2.99 I will not buy them, I understand that HBO and NBC think that their content is worth more than anyone else but $1.99 seems to be that sweet spot where I almost don’t even have to think about the purchase at all, but when it reaches $2.99 I DO think about it, just enough to realize that it is too expensive.

HBO in iTunes

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