Sun Microsystems Releases Open Source Free Virtualization for OS X

Sun Microsystems has recently updated their xVM VirtualBox software, with one HUGE new feature.

Mac OS X is now supported by xVM VirtualBox. That means that Sun Microsystems is the first to offer open source virtualization to Mac OS X. The software comes in two versions, free for all,  a licensed version that has some advanced features which are only free to individuals and not to businesses.

The new and improved (sorry for the PR speak but it just sounds nice) VirtualBox 1.6 now comes with seamless windowing for Solaris and Linux guests, SATA support for up to 32 hard disks per VM and a programming interface for Web services.

Unfortunately Mac OS X is not supported as a guest OS, I think that may have a lot to do with OS X’s terms of service, but overall this is a pretty solid product.

I can’t wait to see some benchmarks on this compared to VMware and Parallels.

Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6

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