iPhones “Currently Unavailable” In UK and US Online Apple Stores

So here is something weird, iPhones are mysteriously “Currently Unavailable” in the US and UK online Apple Store. One would expect to see a new iPhone soon, mostly because generally when supply begins to dry up on specific Apple product that usually is the first sign of a new generation of that product.

But, what is so curious about this is that there has been no announcement by Apple regarding any type of event, Apple usually gives the press one weeks notice on events like this. I don’t think Apple would want their supply of iPhones to be completely gone for one week or more but I also don’t think that Apple would release an updated iPhone without any type of event around it.

Unless of course there is absolutely nothing changed in the hardware except maybe the 3G chipset and possibly a better battery to get the same type of battery life out of the 3G chipset as Apple was able to do with the EDGE chipset.

Of course this isn’t a tell tale sign that a new iPhone is coming out but it is very strange that Apple would let their supply dry up like this.

US Apple Store
UK Apple Store

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