Template of Next Generation iPhone Leaks From accessory Makers

The weak spot in Apple’s armor has almost always been the other companies that Apple works with, almost every time their is some sort of leak of a new product it isn’t by an Apple employee but by an employee of a company Apple is working with.

This time it is with the accessory makers, Apple sends information to them letting them know how they should design cases to put iPods or iPhones in and this time it leaked out in the form of a template showing what to expect the next iPhone to look like, design wise.

The next iPhone will have the same size screen but looks to also be available in white and possibly red. The next iPhone will also have some different curves on the sides and bottom but looks to be about the same size as the current iPhone.

Something else that is odd is that the current iPhone has two sensors above the speaker, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor but in this template it seems to show 3 sensors, or maybe the same two sensors and a small camera, which would prove Kevin Rose’s weird rumor of video iChat on the phone a possibility. It would also make me wrong, when Kevin Rose first talked about this I said this:

“I don’t think that there will be a camera on the front of the phone for video chatting, who the heck wants to video chat on their phone? Not me.” –Me

Now to talk about that 2.8″ screen iPhone for a second, I’m not sure whether I really buy it, changing the size of the screen on the iPhone will ruin a lot of what developers have been working on for months, all of these applications for the iPhone are being built with the 3.5″ screen in mind, the same goes for the web developers. But, then again I’m sure it is possible for Apple to purchase 2.8″ displays with the same resolution as the 3.5″ iPhone displays, but don’t forget that when you increase pixel density of a screen things start to get smaller and smaller, especially text and I don’t think Apple would want to sell a product where every user would have to struggle to read anything on the screen.


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