AT&T Announces Mobile TV Service Starts May 4th

AT&T officially launches their new mobile TV service today and will be available on May 4th. The service uses MediaFLO technology which means that it uses a separate network devoted entirely to the TV signal.

The service will be launching in 58 markets and unfortunately, I do not live in one of those markets, so I have to show you other peoples experience with it. The lineup will include 10 stations total and there will be 2 phones available that support the service, the LG Vu and the Samsung Access.

It will be priced at $13 for 4 channels, $15 for unlimited access to all channels, and $30 for unlimited access to Mobile TV and mobile web access.

“The quality of the video is very good. If you’re in an area where you don’t get many “bars,” you may start to see some digital breakup. There’s an antenna that sticks out of the top of the phone to improve reception but it can be pushed back when when you’re not using the TV service. The channel selection is good but I’d like to see more channels and more live networks instead of the re-purposed programming.”-MyFoxUtah

AT&T Press Release

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