The Funnest Way To Improve Your Typing… Ever

I’ve always been the fastest at typing my family, I am sure that many of you out there are faster than me, but in my little bubble of friends and family, I’m the best. Occasionally I’ll go over to my girlfriends house and for some reason, while we are waiting for dinner to finish cooking we’ll decide to do a little online typing test.

Well I’ve found my new favorite site for testing how fast you type. The web site is called TypeRacer and it basically puts you up against 4-5 other people on the website and you play a little game against them to see who is the fastest. The game gives you a small excerpt from a book to type and after the game is finished it presents you with a link to buy that book on Amazon (that means that the web site is monetized with affiliate links and from what I’ve seen is very non-obtrusive).

The game displays the 4-5 other players as different colored cars that move along a track to help show you how far you’ve gone into the excerpt and how much longer until you are finished. There is a leader board showing recent high scores so you can compare your score to others.

I suggest you head on over to TypeRacer and check it out, oh, and if you are curious I type at about 60-65 WPM.

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