Psystar OpenComputer Ships, Gizmodo Gives Details

A Gizmodo reader has sent in a video and some information regarding the Psystar OpenComputer. Patrick (the reader) was lucky (?) enough to be one of the first to get a shipped OpenComputer.

“The thing boots up and runs pretty damn fast, says Patrick, but Software Update won’t recognize it so you won’t be able to patch. System Profiler thinks that it’s a Mac Pro.”

The idea of a super fast Mac for under $1,000 looks good on paper, unfortunately if you can’t update your operating system you may end up with incompatibilities down the road which might not let you even use an iPod with the system, and who knows whether or not Psystar will be able to help you upgrade the system later on.

We already know that you can’t reinstall Leopard by yourself on this machine, what else is wrong with this deal?

Gizmodo has a video of the OpenComputer up on their site which you can see here.

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