Microsoft Announces Works SE (Sponsored Edition)

Microsoft has begun offering a free advertising supported version of Microsoft Works, you know that not as good as Microsoft Office suite of applications that seems to be pre-installed on nearly every computer from major manufacturers because it only costs like $1.00 for the manufacturer to add it in, yea, that one.

Currently this brand new Microsoft Works SE (Sponsored Edition) doesn’t seem to be available to just anyone but is only available to PC manufacturers who want to install it on systems that they sell.

This version of works runs just as well as the full version but users will see an advertisement in the program window. I don’t really know why manufacturers would want to use this program instead of something like OpenOffice, except maybe if they think that Microsoft has the kind of name brand that would make people spring for a computer because it has a not so wonderful Office suite installed on it, but none the less if you want to purchase a computer with Microsoft Works SE pre-installed it is showing up on a handful of models being sold by manufacturers in the US, Canada, and a few European countries.

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