Asus Releasing Eee PC 900 In May

According to DigiTimes Asus is pushing their upcoming Eee PC from June to May to help fight off some of the competition coming from the likes of Acer, HP and everyone else.

Remember that this isn’t set in stone yet but it would make sense that Asus would want to get their second generation product out as soon as possible so that everyone else would be on their first generation of this style notebook.

I’ve heard many people talking about how they aren’t really sure that this part of the notebook market would really pan out as all of us geeks are expecting it to. I hope that they are wrong, especially since, in my opinion at least, most people don’t need any more power than they would find in an Asus Eee PC and it would be much smarter for the average user to purchase a $400 Asus Eee PC and spend $800 on a desktop from someone like Dell than to spend $1200 on just a laptop. In this situation the $800 desktop will have about the same amount of horse power as the $1200 notebook but you would also be able to purchase a $400 Eee PC.


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