iPhone Application Wishlist

So today I started thinking about some of the applications that I couldn’t wait to see on the iPhone. I came up with, what I think is, a pretty good list of apps. Some of these apps I know are coming to the iPhone while others I just hope to see. But, I thought I’d share them with you all.

  1. Dictionary – I often times need to look up the definition of a word and it has always frustrated me that I have to use Safari to look it up.
  2. Twitterrific – I’m fairly certain that if Twitterrific doesn’t show up for the iPhone another Twitter client will show up, but everyone loves Twitter (and if you don’t, you should) and a Twitter app would be great for the iPhone (I’m really tired of useing SMS/Safari to update Twitter).
  3. MarsEdit – For all of you bloggers out there I’m sure that while you are out on the town you may receive an email letting you know that one of those long posts that you put up an hour or two ago has a pretty major error in it, you could use the online editor on your iPhone but that would take FOREVER, MarsEdit would make situations like this incredibly simple to just open the app, tap on the post, and edit it in no time.
  4. Podcast Aggregator – The iPhone has an internet connection, and we already know that it does pretty well downloading audio files to the device but what we haven’t seen is a way to download audio files that aren’t from the iTunes Music store. If I could just open up an app that downloaded all of my audio podcasts directly on to my iPhone I wouldn’t ever have to deal with audio podcasts touching my computer, they would just go directly to where they are ultimately going to end up, the device I’m going to listen to them on.
  5. Pandora – Of course you can fill your iPhone with tons of music but sometimes you just want to listen to something different, Pandora is my favorite “radio station” online that lets you listen to music that is similar to what you like. I would love to be able to take that wherever I want and listen to it on the go.
  6. Document Viewer – Although you can view documents on the iPhone through MobileMail, that means you have to email them to yourself as an attachment, it would be really nice to have a stand along application that let you view documents. I don’t exactly know how you would be able to get documents on to the iPhone for the app to view but, I’ll let the developers take care of that one.
  7. Flickr Uploader – I LOVE Flickr and I would like to be able to upload pictures from my iPhone to Flickr, this would skip the step of having to sync them into iPhoto before uploading them to Flickr.
  8. Photo Booth – Apple showed off a Photo Booth like application when they announced the SDK and I really can’t wait for it, sitting down at dinner with the family and while we are all sitting there and talking after we finishing eating I’m sure we would all have a few laughs taking pictures with the iPhone and distorting the photos of family members.
  9. Super Monkey Ball – I needed to pick one game for this list, mostly because I like to play games, but also because I can’t wait for Super Monkey Ball. I’m really excited to be able to soon get my hands on the new fangled control scheme when it comes to portable gaming, and Super Monkey Ball lends itself very nicely to the accelerometer controls.
  10. More Detailed Weather App – The weather widget is nice but I find myself wanting more information about what the weather is actually going to be, it’s nice to know that it is going to rain on Sunday but I’d also like to know the likelihood of that happening.

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