iPhone Pwnage Tool Released To The Public

After a bit of a delay the iPhone Pwnage Tool (previously posted about here), which is used to flash your iPhone with hacked firmware and give you the ability to basically do whatever you want with your iPhone, is now available for download. Gizmodo has been trying it out and says:

“it works well, but you will need a hacked version of the iPhone firmware to try it.”

All you have to do to use the PWNAGE tool is:

  1. Get your hands on a hacked version of the firmware
  2. Backup your iPhone data using iTunes
  3. Open up Pwnage Tool
  4. Select the hacked firmware from your hard drive
  5. iPwn the iPhone

Gizmodo also mentions that you shouldn’t use the latest 2.0 firmware because it isn’t very stable.

iPhone Dev Team

Video of the tool after jump

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