Desktop Eee PC Gets Pictured

So in the past I posted about some pictures that showed up online of a Asus PC that had “Easy to Play. Easy to Lean. Easy to Work” written on the feature card but unfortunately that wasn’t the desktop Eee PC that we would soon be seeing as the official desktop Eee PC.

The desktop Eee PC will first ship in black or white with the possibility of more colors down the line.

Asus has said in the past that the desktop Eee PC would ship with an Intel Celeron processor and soon afterwards transition to the Atom processor. Asus also said that they would be pushing for a price somewhere between $200 and $300, with the goal being to get the cost down to $200 over time.

First thing I want to say about these pictures is: Nintendo Wii.
The second thing I want to say is: I WANT ONE!

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