Get Yourself a $35 ATSC/Clear QAM Tuner For Your PC

I’ve been debating on purchasing a TV Tuner for my PC for the longest time and this deal may actually get me to purchase one. The KWorld PlusTV ATSC 340U, which has on sale for 34.99, is a great little tuner.

The PlusTV is an ATSC/Clear QAM tuner and comes with a small antenna so that as soon as it gets delivered to your home you’re pretty much up and running to pick up either over the air broadcast television or Clear QAM signals from your cable company.

The tuner also comes with ArcSoft TotalMedia which lets you watch and record shows just like a DVR. The tuner should also work with Windows Media Center for the easiest set up.

This really is a great deal and an easy way to get a tuner in your computer. I’ve been debating on purchasing one of these mostly because I’m not sure if I would actually use it and I don’t know if I want to spend the money on it. I want one because I don’t have cable and if I could record over the air programming I would be able to collect all of the GOOD TV shows that are broadcast in my area and be able to watch them in bigger chunks (instead of sitting down to watch TV at night and finding absolutely nothing on the 4 channels I happen to get over the air).

If you’d like to pick one of these up for yourself you can get it from or

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