Kevin Rose Says There’s A New iPhone Coming Soon

Kevin Rose of Digg fame has said that he has heard rumors that there will be a new iPhone (he calls it the iPhone pro) and says that it will have 3G support and a video camera on the face of the phone to be used for video chatting.

Kevin also says that the reason that the SDK doesn’t allow 3rd party developers to create apps that run in the background is because Apple doesn’t want to have an IM competitor by the time they come out with these new features.

First off, I don’t believe it, I do think that 3G support is coming soon but I don’t think that there will be a camera on the front of the phone for video chatting, who the heck wants to video chat on their phone? Not me.

I also don’t think this will make anyone want to upgrade to this “pro” version if they already have an iPhone, for me personally 3G support means nothing because I would have to drive about 2 hours before I find 3G towers but I also don’t care about the video chatting, so until Apple comes up with something really innovative, I still have no reason to purchase a new phone.

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