Fujitsu Announces a 320GB 7200RPM Laptop Hard Drive

Fujitsu has announced the world’s fastest 320GB laptop hard drive. The previously fastest 320GB laptop drive spun at 5400RPM but Fujitsu has just upped that to 7200RPMs.

The MHZ2 BJ series has a 3Gbps SATA interface and are standard size laptop drives which means they will fit in practically all notebooks out there. The drives feature 16MB of cache and 25dB idle noise. Average seek times are listed at 10.5ms for read times and 12.5ms for write times. The drives consume 2.3 watts of power and will be available in June.

It’s amazing how fast the hard drive market moves, I remember just a year or two ago when a 160GB notebook hard drive was a big deal, heck I remember when a 160GB desktop hard drive was a big deal.


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