SlySoft AnyDVD HD Cracks BD+ Encryption

SlySoft is claiming that version of its AnyDVD HD program has completely cracked the BD+ copy protection allowing users to make backup copies of Blu-ray discs or transcode the movies on those discs into other formats.

SlySoft had promised to publish this release of the software in December but they decided to wait a bit for the outcome of the format war. AnyDVD HD has been able to backup Blu-ray discs for a few months now but hasn’t been able to crack BD+ up until now.

Undoubtedly this crack won’t work for too long however, the makers of the Blu-ray format has made it possible to upgrade BD+ and make cracking programs like AnyDVD HD useless at cracking the encryption.

I hope that content makers realize that no matter what they do to encrypt their movies, it will eventually be hacked so that we can do what we want with the content that we legally purchased.

SlySoft AnyDVD

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