Lionsgate Announces iTunes Digital Copy on DVD and Blu-ray Discs

Just like Fox did at the Macworld keynote (last paragraph of this article) Lionsgate announced that they are working with Apple to provide iTunes Digital Copies on select DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

The first disc with the iTunes Digital Copy will be Rambo which is set to be released on May 27.  The process of transferring the movie to your iTunes library involves entering a unique code into iTunes the movie is then transferred from the disc into iTunes to be synced with your iPod, iPhone, or AppleTV. Each disc will allow you to transfer to only one iTunes library.

I really like the idea of this, the only problem is that I don’t purchase DVDs anymore (not since I started using Netflix last year). The way I see it, there are only a few instances when anyone should really buy a movie, if it is for a child or if you know that you are going to watch the movie more than 5 times in the lifetime of that disc.

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