Demoed Applications At Todays iPhone Announcement

At the announcement today, Apple also had a bunch of applications built for the iPhone demoed at the event by several different developers. These applications will probably be available at the same time the iPhone and iPod Touch software updates will be available… June.

Apple showed an application that allows you to apply OpenGL distortion effects with a touch of the finger to photos. This means you can do all sorts of funny effects on pictures of your friends and family similar to what you can do with Photo Booth on the Mac. This app was built in 2 days with the SDK.

The next application that they showed off is called Touch Fighter, it’s a 3D OpenGL game that uses the accelerometer for steering and uses finger tapping to shoot your weapon. This app was built in only 2 weeks with the SDK.

Travis Boatman also came on stage to talk about what EA was able to do with the SDK, they built a version of Spore to run on the iPhone! It only took them 2 weeks! But what makes me curious, does this mean that Spore will also be released for the iPhone? God I hope so. also showed off an application built by them, I suggest you go over to Engadget’s live blog to get coverage of this, I don’t know anything about stuff like that.

How about AIM for the iPhone, AOL showed off an AIM application for the iPhone, you can choose pictures from your iPhone photo library as your AIM buddy icon.

Sega had Super Monkey Ball to add the iPhone application mix, the game is completely accelerometer controlled. Ethan Einhorn from Sega said that they “had to fly in another artist to scale up the art to match what the iPhone could output.”

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