iPhone App Wishlist

Macworld has a great article up of 25 applications that the Macworld staff would love to see for the iPhone.

They mentioned a few applications that I don’t think would be that great and I wouldn’t care to see on the iPhone but they did mention a few that I would love to see on the iPhone.

Photo Booth, yes Photo Booth, the iPhone has a great camera and if you could do all sorts of silly effects with it like you can do on your Mac I think a lot of people would waste a lot of time playing around with it, especially kids.

Airfoil for the iPhone would be great as well, the ability to stream music from your iPhone to airport speakers would be great, and if there was an Airfoil speakers app for the iPhone you could stream music from iTunes to the iPhone… Awesome.

Finger paint tool, another one of these applications that would be great for kids but would be good for adults to, a lot of times I’ll find myself in a conversation where drawing something out would help me prove my point a little bit but there isn’t any paper around, if I could pull out my iPhone and draw something really quick that would be something I would pay money for.

A Twitter client, I love Twitter, and most of the time I use Twitterrific for all my Twitter needs, if I could get Twitterrific on my iPhone I wouldn’t have to use up all my SMS messages for the month.

There are several more apps that are really great, head on over to Macworld and check out the full list.

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