Fujitsu Announces 400GB and 500GB 2.5″ Hard Drives

This week Fujitsu announced two new 2.5 inch hard drives that push the capacity of notebook hard drives to 400GB and 500GB.

The two new models will begin shipping in May, and the companies says that it hopes to ship 20 million of them in this fiscal year.

The drives aren’t exactly the fastest drives around, they only have a 4,200RPM spindle speed while most other laptop hard drives spin at 5,400RPM and some as fast as 7,200. The hard drives do consume relatively low power, only 1.8 watts when reading or writing.

With notebook hard drive capacities moving so quickly it is going to be harder and harder for many consumers to justify purchasing a large desktop computer instead of a smaller notebook. I’ll still be a desktop guy though, I just need the money to have the luxury of two decently powered computers (a desktop and a notebook).


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