AVerMedia’s New AVerTV Bravo Hybrid

AVerMedia recently announced a new option for those of you who would like to watch and record television programs on your computer. The AVerTV Bravo Hybrid uses one PCIe slot and picks up ATSC, ClearQAM, and NTSC analog television signals.

What makes this card so cool though is that it can record directly into H.264 at up to 1080i resolution. This not only means that you will be able to save a lot of disk space recording in H.264 but it also means that it will be easier to save the recorded video files for use on an iPod or another portable media player.

The card is recognized as a built-in tuner by both Windows XP and Vista computers with Media Center, which means you get out of the box recording without having to install any software. AVerMedia does include its own software in the box that supports more of the cards features however.

The AVerTV Bravo Hybrid is available here for $79.99.

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