Microsoft Giving Away A Zune A Day Until March 31

To enter to win an 8GB Zune all you have to do is:

Select “Hotmail” on your mobile phone menu, or give them your cell phone number and Microsoft will text message you a link.

Sign in to Hotmail with your existing Passport or Windows Live ID.

Sen an e-mail to with “Go Zune” in the subject line.

It’s just as simple as that, for full giveaway rules visit the contest page.

I’ll tell you what, I don’t think I would buy a Zune (since I mostly use a Mac) but, since I also have a PC that doesn’t get used much, I wouldn’t mind getting a free Zune.

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  1. Looking at the Zune and iPod side by side is an interesting experience. They are actually extremely similar. The only thing the Zune can really boast over the ipod is a larger screen and wi-fi capabilities. However, the ipod has (imo) better file support.

    That said… For the same price I’d probably shoot for the ZUNE for the larger screen and cool wi-fi goodness…

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