Airfoil 3.1 Released With AppleTV 2.0 Support

One of the first things I wanted to play with when I downloaded the AppleTV software update was AirTunes. The ability to play music from any computer in my house through the speakers in my living room was a really cool concept.

I also went out and downloaded the trial version of Airfoil which lets you take sound from any application on your computer and sends it over AirTunes. Unfortunatly Airfoil didn’t work with the AppleTV then.

Today Rogue Amoeba released version 3.1 of Airfoil which DOES work with the AppleTV. So I just downloaded it and played around with it and it works great. Right now I’m listening to Pandora through the speakers in my living room and it sounds great.

I suggest that everyone with an AppleTV spend the $25 for this program because it is worth every penny.

Oh, and it works for the Mac as well as Windows.


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