It’s Official, Toshiba Drops HD-DVD Support

Toshiba made a statement early this morning stating that it will no longer develop manufacture or market HD-DVD players and recorders.

Toshiba said that they have no plans to beginning making Blu-ray products but I’m sure if Toshiba wanted to be in this market they will eventually cave and start making Blu-ray. Toshiba is committed to stockpiling HD-DVD recording media for those who own HD-DVD recorders.

So I guess it is just a matter of time before the rest of the HD-DVD gang get the memo and leave the format. I’m a little surprised that Toshiba didn’t fight a little bit longer, but on the other hand I’m sure the announcements that Netflix and Wal-Mart were going Blu-ray probably made them rethink there strategy.

This is a good move for Toshiba, at least they won’t be sinking millions of more dollars into a dying format and continue to confuse customers.

The battle is over and there is one left standing, Blu-ray, but in the background we see a new contender, coming up fast…

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