HD-DVD Is It Dead Yet?

Pretty much. On the 15th word came out that Wal-Mart was going to discontinue support of the format by June, players AND discs. This means that if you want to head off to your local Wal-Mart to get your HD disc fix you better be ready to see Blu-ray on those shelves. Wal-Mart made the decision based on Netflix’s decision to go Blu-ray exclusive and Best Buy deciding to suggest Blu-ray over HD-DVD in their stores.

That was bad enough but yesterday the Hollywood Reporter posted an article citing unnamed sources saying that Toshiba may be dropping the format soon. Shortly after that came a report from Japan’s NHK that Toshiba is planning to very soon end the manufacturing of HD-DVD hardware and software.

This is a huge blow to HD-DVD and since Toshiba was the formats biggest backer this pretty much means that all we have to do is sit around and wait for the official word from Toshiba that the format war is over.

Not to say I told you so but since very early last year I’ve been partial to the Blu-ray format, this is the earliest mention I can find of it on my blog though.

Wal-Mart Chooses a Hi Def Platform
Toshiba to drop HD DVD, sources say
Toshiba pulling the plug on HD DVD already? Yup it’s over.

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