Starbucks Switching From T-Mobile To AT&T

Starbucks announced yesterday that they would be dropping T-Mobile as their Wifi provider and will be switching to AT&T.

Along with this new provider deal Starbucks also announced that Starbucks card holders will get 2 hours of free access to the hotspots. The new pricing for access will be $3.99 per visit or $20 per month.

Apple as we all know has been working with both AT&T and Starbucks in regards to the iPhone. I’m wondering if Apple had anything to do with this new agreement.

Already iPhone users can use the Wifi at Starbucks to purchase songs and AT&T is the cell service provider that Apple chose to debut the iPhone on.

In the UK O2 has already made a deal where O2 iPhone users can access many Wifi hotspots around the country, does this mean that Apple and AT&T are going to announce free access to these new Starbucks hotspots as long as you are accessing them with an iPhone? I hope so, it would be a great way for Starbucks to get some of my business (I think I may be the last person on earth who has never stepped foot inside of a Starbucks).

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