GearLive Says iPhone Is Getting Flash Support Soon

GearLive is reporting that the iPhone will soon be getting flash support in its mobile Safari browser.

GearLive has been pretty reliable with its rumors and I don’t doubt them at all. GearLive also mentions that it is possible that flash may be showing up around the same time as the SDK.

I have been using the iPhone since day one and to be honest, there may have been two instances in the entire time I’ve used it that I missed flash support. Most of the time when using Safari on my iPhone it is to quickly look up a fact or I use Google Reader to keep up with the news.

GearLive also mentions that many people were under the impression that there were limitations in the battery and CPU that was holding back flash support (I am included in that list), that is not true, the CPU and battery are very capable of doing flash and the only reason we haven’t seen it yet is because the business negotiations haven’t resulted in anything yet.


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