Apple Releases AppleTV Update

I just downloaded the AppleTV Take 2 and at first glance it is really great. From all that I’ve played around with it, I do have one problem with the update, it is too centered around purchasing content.

I already have content on the AppleTV, mostly podcasts and I don’t like that I have to go to the bottom of the secondary menu if I don’t want to buy anything. I would rather Apple just added another menu option at the bottom of the main menu that said something like “iTunes Store” then if I wanted to buy anything it would be within that menu option.

The looks of the update is pretty good, the new interface is gorgeous and looks really great on my 42″ LCD.  The iTunes Store is very easy to navigate and it isn’t too hard to find anything that you want, I haven’t yet purchased anything on it but I’m just happy that I can finally watch Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, I only have 3 days left.

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