AT&T Rolling Out More 3G This Year

A couple of days ago AT&T announced that they would be expanding their 3G network in the US. To the collective Mac blogs this meant that Apple would soon be announcing a 3G iPhone, to me this meant that AT&T wanted to roll out more 3G.

The unfortunate part about AT&T being the partner with Apple is that now whenever AT&T decides to improve their network or services it will be attributedĀ  to Apple pushing AT&T to do so. The problem is, AT&T is still going to be making changes to their company without having to be told to do so by Apple.

I’m not saying that Apple won’t be announcing a 3G iPhone this year, if the chipsets for it allow the iPhone to get good battery life than we probably will see a 3G iPhone this year. But, to say that the only reason that AT&T would want to better their network is because Apple wants them to is a little ridiculous.

One more thing that I would like to point out is that there seems to be many who believe that Apple will also have a once a year product release schedule for iPhones, I’m not quite sure if I buy that. Logic would say that Apple may want to keep their release schedule to every two years, this way they won’t be leaving their die hard fans out in the cold when 1 year goes by and the die hard fans have 1 year left to go in their contract. I know all of you think that we will be seeing the iPhone 2.0 this year, but I’m just not too sure about it. Now, like we saw last week, it is possible that we could see new capacities and new pricing but I don’t think that we will see a significant change in the hardware.

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