AppleTV Update Delayed, MacBook Air Shipping

Yesterday I posted about my excitement for the AppleTV update and of course, today Apple had to go ahead and delay the release of the software update by one or two weeks.

I’ve been waiting for nearly two weeks to watch “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” it has been sitting on my MacBook just waiting to be transfered to my AppleTV. In 17 days the movie will expire and I may have to watch it on my laptop or iPhone instead of my AppleTV (no fun).

The focus of the press release though was to let everyone know that the MacBook Air is shipping, and, I don’t really care.

As we get further and further away from Macworld my early anticipation for the MacBook Air has subsided. Although I still think it’s a great notebook I think it would be a much better deal if it was priced at $1,499 (that would make it much easier for people to purchase the notebook). The current price is just too expensive, which makes me think that for most people purchasing the Black MacBook at $1,499 would be a much better deal.

Press Release

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