“Add to Home Screen”

As soon as I found out that firmware 1.1.3 was available I downloaded it through iTunes and began to play around with it. Quickly I realized that the best part of the update was the new maps features but just a day or so after that I really started playing with the new “add to home screen” feature of Safari.

I’ve already added 11 apps to my home screen and they are:

•    Google Reader
•    Twitter
•    Weather Underground
•    iGas
•    iPhone Cinema Listings
•    Bejewled
•    Solitaire
•    Frenzic
•    Castle Feud
•    Tic Tac Toe
•    Amazon

This feature is really growing to be one of my favorites on the iPhone. But, I was
wondering what web apps my readers have added to their iPhones home screens.

I’ve tried searching for new and interesting apps in Apple’s web app directory but there are just too many apps for me to go through.

So I ask, what cool apps are on your home screen now?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about the apps.

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