Macworld Keynote Predictions

Last week I did a rumor recap for Macworld but today, before the keynote, I’d like to talk a little bit about the rumors that have surfaced since my recap and what I’m actually expecting to see today.

The major rumor is that at the keynonte Steve Jobs will be releasing a new notebook called the “MacBook Air,” someone poking around on Adium’s website noticed that a computer with the model name “MacBook Air” listed in their usage charts. Another interesting addition to this rumor is that at the Mascone center, Apple put up banners saying “There’s something in the air.”

To be honest with you all that is really the only NEW development on Macworld rumors since my last post, now here’s what I think:

  1. ┬áiTunes movie rentals seems very likely, there is every reason for Apple to do so and I’m sure it would be well received by all of the iTunes customers. So I believe will see this today.
  2. iTunes video store in the AppleTV also seems very likely, currently the only thing that you can purchase videos on is your computer but if you could make that purchase through the AppleTV while sitting on your couch (combined with the movie rentals) it would really be a killer feature for the AppleTV. I do believe we will see this at the keynote although I’m not convinced that we will see new AppleTV’s just a software update.
  3. 16GB iPhone makes sense, there is certainly room for it but I’m not sure if we will see it today, I feel very comfortable only having 8GB on my iPhone and don’t feel constrained by that limit in the least. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a 16GB iPhone but I don’t think it is very likely.
  4. I do think that we will see the MacBook Air but I’m not sure whether to think that it will be a replacement for the current MacBook or a whole new product that is smaller than the MacBook and the MacBook would continue to be sold. I tend to lean more towards the idea that the MacBook Air would replace the current MacBook, but that aside I do think we will see it today.
  5. The last thing I believe we will see later today is iTunes videos on DVDs being sold from Fox alongside some other studios. This would be especially great for customers, they wouldn’t have to break the DMCA just to do what they want with content they legally purchased.

This year I’m going to be following the keynote a little differently, instead of watching the live blogs (a list of them can be found here), instead I’ll be following Arstechnica on Twitter. Arstechnica started an account on Twitter specifically for Macworld and that is how I’m planning on getting my live coverage, than later today I’m going to be watching the video of the keynote once Apple makes it available on their website, and of course I’ll have my reactions to the keynote either a few hours after it happens or tomorrow, depending on how big the announcements are.

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