Apple Announces iPhone/iPod Touch Software Update

Today marks 200 days that the iPhone has been on sale and Apple said today that they have sold 4 million iPhones in that time period. Not only that but Apple also reached nearly 20% market share for smart phones in the US.

The new firmware for the iPhone is exactly what Gearlive was showing off a few weeks ago.

  1. Maps with cell tower and Wifi triangulation
  2. Webclips (or shortcuts to web pages on the iPhone home screen)
  3. Home screen customization, in other words, reorder the icons on up to 9 different home screens
  4. SMS to multiple contacts at once
  5. Chapters, subtitles, and alternative language support for video
  6. Lyrics support for music

Jobs also announced that new iPod Touch’s sold will be getting some new applications and current users will be able to purchase the whole set for $20. The apps are Mail, Google Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather.

It’s odd that Apple decided to charge for these apps on the iPod Touch however Andy Ihnatko on MacBreak Weekly mentioned that it could be just Apple testing out the purchasing of iPhone apps through iTunes.

But, the iPhone update is a little underwhelming but I guess the real fun of this update won’t come until a few weeks after the SDK is released next month.

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