iPod Shuffle Winner Announcement

The winners favorite post was: Don’t Put Those Private Pictures on MySpace!

The turn out was great, for the timing of the contest (around New Years). There were 45 entries in the contest with a total of 24 different posts said to be their favorites.

The top three posts according to the comments are:

  1. One Year of CyberSurge!
  2. 56 Geeks Poster, What Kind Of Geek Are You?
    tied with
    Samsung x820 Review
  3. Asus Eee PC for $299 and Now With Colors

And the winner of the Silver iPod Shuffle is: Caryn

I have already emailed Caryn and thanks to all of you for making the first year of CyberSurge.org so great.

If you would like to purchase the Silver iPod Shuffle you can do so here.

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