More Apple Sub-Notebook Rumors

MacRumors has had from a reliable source some interesting features in a possible upcoming notebook due at MacWorld 2008.

The rumor says that the notebook will not include an internal optical drive. The removal of the optical drive is most likely the result of size constraints. Although the optical drive will not be internal Apple is said to be offering an external optical drive with the notebook.

MacRumors also says that Apple will be releasing more than one notebook revision at MacWorld. They say that one of these revisions will include a multi-touch trackpad.This new story only adds to the Boy Genius’ post “confirming” a new Apple notebook at MacWorld (I only put it in “” because we won’t know for sure until MacWorld).

I’m not exactly sure what to think of these rumors but they seem to be very credible, not to mention the fact that the rumors are EVERYWHERE.

I’m not really sure what to think of MacWorld this year, I’m sure I’ll do a predictions post a few days before the keynote. I just hope there is something interesting to add to the AppleTV, I REALLY WANT ITUNES RENTALS!

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