Axiotron Ships ModBook

Way back in January of last year (when my blog wasn’t as serious as it is now so sorry about possible typos) I posted about a cool little item called the ModBook by Axiotron. Well, it has finally shipped and it is freaking cool.

The ModBook made its debut last year at MacWorld to much fanfare. I worry about this product though, recent rumors that Apple will be releasing its own tablet, if true, could completely kill this product just a few short weeks after it first ships.

I wouldn’t worry so much about the ModBook, but because Axiotron is basically purchasing and modifying MacBooks the ModBook is clearly more expensive ($2,279) than anything Apple would come out with.

I just hope that Apple doesn’t kill another item that can only help the Apple ecosystem by making one of their own (see some recent examples).

I wouldn’t suggest ordering one of these until after MacWorld, just in case Steve wants to give all us Apple lovers a tablet notebook. On the other hand you may want to order one right away, just in case Apple decides to come out with an Apple tablet, that way you will have a piece of history.

Here’s a video to refresh your memory:

Axiotron Press Release

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