Fox Signs Deal With Apple for iTunes Movies

More Apple rumors showing up today, supposedly Fox has agreed to an iTunes movie deal. These movies will (according to the rumor) be for rental, allowing iTunes users to watch a rented movie for a limited time.

It also seems that Fox may be including a FairPlay protected video file of select movies when you purchase the DVD, allowing consumers to transfer the video file to their computer and play it on their iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.

Pricing was not talked about but if I had to guess I would say around $3-4.

It has been mentioned before that rentals might be coming to iTunes but this is the first report that may have a little truth behind it.

(By the way, this will make my Christmas gift, the Apple TV, much more valuable to me)

Hopefully we will learn more on January 14 when MacWorld starts.


On a side note, this makes me want to speculate a little bit as to what to expect at MacWorld. At one point my thought was that the majority of the MacWorld keynote would be used to talk about the iPhone, but I may have changed my tune. I do still think that a small part of it will be used to talk about the iPhone but I think it will be mostly sales results and the addition of a 16GB version. I also think that there will be a new design for the MacBook but I also think a large portion of the time will be spent on the AppleTV.

I believe that Apple will release a new software upgrade to the AppleTV that will allow you to purchase content in the living room using the AppleTV, nothing has really happened to the AppleTV since its release except for the addition of YouTube functionality but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a major upgrade to the software (possibly the hardware as well but I don’t think that is likely).

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see, expect me to do a little more speculating between now and January 14, oh, and I can’t wait!

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