TryPhone Allows Yout To Try Phones Before You Buy, From Within Your Browser

One of the major problems with buying a cell phone is that you usually don’t really know what the interface on the phone looks like and you have no idea how the menus work and so on.

A new website has come into beta that lets you try out the interface of a cell phone before you buy it. TryPhone let’s you see how different buttons navigate through the user interface. The phone selection is a little limited  only offering 4 models to try out, and not all of the functions are available but I’m sure it will get much more advanced as time goes on.

Handsets available to try:

BlackBerry Pearl
Verizon Juke
Sprint Muziq

The website also offers user reviews of the cell phones and the ability to buy the phone through different vendors (most likely TryPhone will be payed for referring customers).

Remember this is a beta and occasionally you may see some problems with the phone navigation but all in all it gives you a much better understanding of how the phone will work when you actually get it home.

I’m interested to see how this website goes in the coming months but I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t try to push the website out a little bit earlier to get some of those holiday shoppers using the site.


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