Orb on the iPhone and an Origami Stand

One of the first things that I tried out when I got my iPhone was to see if Orb worked on it. Orb is a free service that allows you to view media on your home computer practically anywhere you have an internet connection.

Unfortunately Orb didn’t work with the iPhone but soon it will. The Register is reporting that Orb will announce support for the iPhone and iPod Touch sometime this week.

The reason that Orb doesn’t work on the iPhone is that Apple is blocking Orb’s usual streaming protocol, Orb will soon be streaming MP4 files instead to make it work with the iPhone.

The Register

Now that you will be able to access all of your video at home with your iPhone wherever you are it would be nice if you had a little stand to put your iPhone in while viewing content. Luckily someone put together this nice little video showing you how to build a stand for your iPhone out of a dollar bill. Video after the jump…

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