SyncTV Hasn’t Forgotten About Me. Yay!

Alright so today I received an email from SyncTV, I’ll talk about the contents of the email in a minute.

You may not know about SyncTV because I’ve never covered it before (mostly because I think it’s kind of stupid). SyncTV is a service allowing you to pay for channels individually, basically a la carte TV. The cost of each channel is fairly cheap (about $2 each per month).

So back to the email, I have received emails like this in the past and it really needs to stop. Because I do this blog, I end up signing up for a lot of beta programs, I can’t think of any specific time this has happened before but I know that it has in the past, here is the email:


Thank you for applying to become a beta-tester for SyncTV through our
website. We wanted to let you know that we did receive your request and
we haven’t forgotten about you.

We will let you know as soon as we can make an account available to you.
In the meantime, please bear with us and keep up to date with news from
SyncTV by subscribing to the SyncTV blog


The SyncTV team”

I understand that you received my application to be a beta tester, you emailed me right after I applied. Just let me know when you are ready to let me try out your service, otherwise don’t bother with the email, unless something drastic changes.

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