Art Lebedev Releases New Optimus Maximus Configurations

Art Lebedev Studio has released new configurations for the oh so beautiful Optimus Maximus keyboard.

The new configurations feature fewer active buttons (active meaning they have OLED displays in them). The configurations are as followed:

1 active button for $462.27
10 active buttons for $599.01
47 active buttons for $999.25
113 active buttons for $1,564.37

The last configuration is the original configuration with the first 3 being brand new.

these keyboards really are cool and hopefully they will eventually get even cheaper.

I think if I had the money I would go for a the 47 button configuration in white, I don’t really see the need to have all 113 buttons active. I also don’t understand who would want a keyboard with only 1 active button but to each his own.

Optimus Maximus

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