40GB Playstation 3 Caused 298% Sales Increase

The week of November 18-24 the Playstation 3 saw a 245% increase in sales compared to the week prior. Sony says that the sudden increase in sales is mostly due to the sales cuts that have happened recently.

The 80GB version dropped from $599 to $499 and on November 2 Sony launched the 40GB version of the console which is priced at $399. According to Sony the 40GB model caused an increase of 298% between November 2nd and November 24th.

This goes to show you that the Playstation 3 is still in it for the long haul. The recent price cuts of the consoles could have been the smartest thing Sony has done for the PS3 since they decided to get rid of the boomerang controller.

(Don’t forget that this will help put more Blu-Ray players in homes, just thought I’d mention that).

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