Online Shopping Frustrations

With the holidays coming up I have begun shopping for all of my loved ones, but this year I decided to do most of my shopping online.

I love shopping online because I don’t have to deal with cashiers who don’t know what they are doing and the constant asking “do you need any help finding anything?”

But, there is one problem that I have found with shopping online, I have no idea when the products I order will arrive. Yesterday I ordered a gift online (I’m not going to say what it is because the person I purchased it for does read this blog) and today I checked to find out when it would be shipped, for what seems to be no reason at all the gift won’t ship until after December 25th. I ORDERED IT ON NOVEMBER 25th, WHY DOES IT TAKE A MONTH TO SHIP IT!

This seems to be the big advantage of shopping in retail shops, when you purchase something at a store, you know it is in stock because they hand it to you at the cash register.

I guess I just wish that the store I purchased it from would send me an email telling me WHY it will be taking so long to ship.

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