Black Friday Deals From Apple

Yup it’s black Friday and besides the fact that you can get some amazing deals at stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Circuit City, Apple is having its black Friday sale as well.

This is one of the only times throughout the year where you can get discounts on Apple products at the online store or the retail store.

How about MacBooks with a savings of up to $101? Or an iMac with savings up to $101? Maybe you want to pick up one of those fancy new iPod Nanos for $138?

Apple is having deals on a huge amount of products, the one thing that I was looking for, sadly, is not there, no savings on AppleTVs.

But if you are planning on making someone happy this holiday season by buying them an Apple product I would suggest checking out the online store, or swinging by the retail store sometime today.

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